Drinks and Dreams Ltd is a London based company of trusted and highly skilled individuals, nationally and internationally recognised with a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. We offer various consultancy services and educational training programs; whether you’re in need of a bespoke concept and matching cocktail list to exemplify the soul of your establishment, or you require specialised training for your bar team to instil them with the knowledge to sell your concept and develop memorable experiences that will keep your guests returning. Our flexible and customisable services allow for the most effective but personalised programs to fit your needs.

Organisation and economic setup are at the base of every concept, with additional focus on maintaining a high standard of hospitality, continuous rotation of products, and an overall cultivation of an indelible and efficient environment, we provide long term, comprehensive consultancies, customisable training on particular products, specific brands, and other specialties. One on one mentoring opportunities are also available for those looking to improve their career prospects in a more personal way.

Consult our PDF sample consultancy plan or visit our Educational program section to learn more about our courses or request bespoke services to suit your needs.