Educational Bartending Program

With a desire to share passion and expertise, paired with the creativity and inspiration from its team of experts, Drinks and Dreams offers educational courses aimed at establishing a solid base of skills and the mentality necessary for tackling everyday life behind the bar. By instilling fundamental values of bartending, supplemented with a strong theoretical understanding of mixology, participants will engage with hands-on practice time and the chance to experience everything the industry has to offer.
Courses cover the evolution of various drinks and techniques throughout the ages, divulging into why certain processes are used, how they work, and how to adapt them to each individual’s specific needs and goals. By reaching beyond typical expectations and behaviours, the program gives its students the tools and support to develop the mindset of an innovative leader and evolve as a unique contributor to their chosen field.

The idea behind the program is to create a true Bartender Academy that will help teams or individuals value themselves and subsequently feel valued. Programs can be undertaken exactly as designed or reformulated individually according to specific needs and aspirations.

-UPDATE- From December 2019, Drinks and Dreams is the official partner of the UKBG (United Kingdom Bartender Guild) taking care of the whole educational programs of one of the most important Bartender association in the world!

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For the deferred payments: The initial 50% is to support your enrolment, 25% will be require half way of your journey and 25% at the end of the course. We want you to feel relaxed, happy and satisfied!